Thank you for joining us at this year's TravelTech Show! Take a look below to explore some of the highlights including photos from the 2-day event, session that took place and speakers and exhibitors that allowed visitors to bring fresh and innovative ideas to their customer experiences and day to day working life too...

TravelTech Show in pictures


New exhibitors

Some of this year's conference sessions

  1. Turing Theatre

    More and more travel companies are implementing chatbots but many of them offer a poor customer experience. How can you avoid making mistakes and deliver a high level of service without it costing the earth.

  2. Lovelace Theatre

    The combination of public and private cloud means you can enjoy cost benefits while increasing security and flexibility. How can you take advantage of the hybrid model while avoiding the pitfalls?

  3. Turing Theatre

    While some travel companies are plunging headfirst into apps, many travel companies swear by direct email. We hear from the email specialists on what works to increase conversion, the best subject lines and the best times to send to get your email read.

2022 Speakers

Business Travel Tech Zone

  • TTS_D2-71
  • TTS_D1-472
  • TTS_D2-432

For those that cover both business and retail travel, the Business Travel Tech Zone was the ideal place to meet and learn more about the latest business travel technology solutions and tools. The Business Travel Tech Zone is home to brand new exhibitors.

Tech Tours

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Visitors took a tour throughout the TravelTech Show exhibition hall and met suppliers who delivered an up close and personal demonstration of their services. This was a great way to hear from the experts and to learn about the latest software in the industry.