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2023 Agenda


How social commerce is set to revolutionise the travel industry

28 Jun 2023
Lovelace Theatre

With organising trips online second nature to travellers across demographics, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) that want to stay ahead of the competition and secure market share need to ensure they provide a superior user experience.

But with so many emerging tech solutions promising the golden ticket to OTAs looking to achieve this, knowing which way to turn can be overwhelming.

What if there was a way to engage users through an enhanced online experience and make them advocates? Inviting family and friends to book a trip from the comfort of your website. Harnessing the social conversations that are already happening, bringing them to your website and increasing revenue.

In this session, Doron Luder, VP of Sales at Joyned, explores the phenomenon of social commerce, how it is revolutionising the travel industry and how OTAs that want to get ahead of the market can benefit from embracing this new technology.  

Doron Luder, VP of Sales - Joyned
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