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2023 Agenda


Using real-time public data for competitive advantage in travel industry

28 Jun 2023
Turing Theatre

Oxylabs, a web intelligence collection platform, is a trusted partner of 2,000+ businesses for large-scale public data acquisition with proxies and web scraping APIs.

In this session, we want to share our knowledge on building and fine-tuning a real-time web data collection system for various use cases in the travel industry. We will specify the steps necessary to ensure an interruption-free public web data extraction and its benefits for businesses. 

Specifically, we will overview tools and practices along with AI-assisted solutions used to retrieve ticket pricing, accommodation availability, and other travel data to reveal applicable business patterns and gain a competitive advantage through web intelligence.

*This is a sponsored session, and by attending, you consent to your data being shared with the sponsor.

Lauris Lietavietis - Oxylabs
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