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2023 Agenda


Augmenting Human Expertise: The Intersection of Generative AI and Premium Travel

28 Jun 2023
Turing Theatre

In an era marked by unprecedented technological growth, how can we harness the power of AI to transform the premium multi-day travel industry? This talk explores the intersection of generative AI and human expertise, outlining a future where AI doesn't replace us but enhances our capabilities to meet rising industry demands.

This talk will highlight how to bridge the 'AI Gap' - the challenge of utilizing AI effectively in a trusted manner. Rather than a sales pitch, this talk seeks to inspire a dialogue about the possibilities of generative AI, providing real-world examples of how it can augment our capabilities while ensuring the protection of data privacy.

If you're interested in the future of the travel industry and the role of AI, this talk offers insights into harnessing the power of generative AI responsibly to revolutionize the world of premium multi-day travel.


*This is a sponsored session, and by attending, you consent to your data being shared with the sponsor.

Ragnar Fjölnisson - Kaptio
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