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Through the lens of investors

30 Jun 2022
Lovelace Theatre

Where tech goes, investors follow – those looking for the next new thing that could turn big or could fizzle out, depends. We speak to investors and those who follow tech investment trends and put their money where their mouth is, and ask them what product and tech bets they are making as travel emerges from the long tunnel of Covid into the light of recovery?

The Bridge Series, by WiT and Phocuswright - Episode 2: Global & Product Tech Trends

WiT and Phocuswright team up in “The Bridge Series” to offer a global perspective of global and product tech trends that have taken root during the pandemic, and are supercharging consumer behaviour around the world. How are early stage and established startups responding to the accelerated pace of tech adoption and changed aspirations by consumers, and suppliers having to follow suit in their wake? Let’s face it, there’s never been a more exciting in product innovation.