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Swapcard is your online event profile, TravelTech Show’s official event app, the place you can access your online meetings diary and arrange 1-2-1 appointments.

To give your staff access to Swapcard, you must first ensure that you have registered them. Do this by heading to the 'Stand Staff Badges' page which can be located on the left-hand menu.

Register your staff by 5pm BST on 27 June - please note all login details will come from


Swapcard FAQs

When will I get access to Swapcard?

You will receive an email from Swapcard with the necessary instructions.​ Your login details will come from

Is there an app version available?

Yes, you can download the app here.

Is there a guide to Swapcard?

You can explore our handy Guide to Swapcard which explains all the tools.

What are the appointment time slots, and how long is each appointment?

The appointment slots are on 28 June between 09.50 and 17.30 and on 29 June between 9.50 and 16.50. Each appointment slot is 20 mins long.

Can a meeting location be changed?

Once booked it cannot. To change the location you will need to cancel the appointment and rebook. 

How to filter the attendee list?

Under the “Attendee" tab, you’ll see all the visible buyers that are on Swapcard. On the left-hand side, you will be able to filter the list by badge type, product and services interested in, primary activity and geographic responsibility.​

How do I make a connection and arrange a meeting?

Once you have identified a buyer you would like to meet, click on their profile to see their information and send them a connection request. If the buyer accepts, you can chat with them and arrange a meeting. Meetings made via the exhibitor listing will need to be allocated to a staff member.​

How many diaries does my stand have, and how do I add more?

Each stand is set up, as standard, to take three in-person appointments. You can add more diaries by contacting

How do I add a member of my team to our stand profile?

Once your team have been added to Swapcard, the stand manager will also need to add them to the stand profile. To do this, simply click on your stand, select "Your Team", and press the "ADD A MEMBER" button on the right-hand side of the screen. You'll need to enter the same email address used to register them via the e-zone. It can take up to an hour for registrations to appear in Swapcard.