Cytric by Amadeus innovates with AppZen to deliver AI driven expense audits

Cytric by Amadeus Stand: L20

Typically, companies only audit up to 10% of their employees’ expenses, to the vast number of work hours auditing expenses takes.  With this in mind, the value of an AI-powered platform allowing for 100% automation of expenses quickly becomes clear.

Amadeus has partnered with AppZen, to offer Cytric Expense customers a seamless expense-auditing experience. This unique value-add feature in Cytric, will streamline the expense auditing process in real-time, minimizing lost spend, non-compliance, and potential risk factors in the expense reporting and reimbursement process.

AppZen’s patented purpose-built Finance AI platform will integrate with Cytric Expense - Amadeus’ existing expense automation system used by companies and business travel agencies globally - to create a unique and first to market end-to-end ‘Smart Audit’ solution.

100 expenses can take up to 12 hours to be audited by even the most competent human auditor, but due to the AI technology, this time can be reduced to 19 seconds. Smart Audit will free up finance staff time re-focus their efforts on more strategic areas. Smart Audit audits 100% of spend in real-time, meaning the system can identify misuse and or detect risks prior to reimbursement, after which is difficult to recover the money.

“Our AI-powered auditing platform enables companies to audit every single expense,” says Anant Kale, CEO and co-founder of, AppZen. “100% of your expense reports are audited, including every line on the expense receipts and then auto-approved prior to payment.  This solution will highlight detected issues, saving time, resources, and money for a company. It’s a win-win on all counts.”

Smart Audit is expected to simplify as well as optimize the functions of procurement and finance teams given the automation and ease of use with same-day audit turn arounds. By supporting work from anywhere, it will help overcome the challenges of dispersed workforces cause by the pandemic, while improving the   implementation of business processes.

“Our vision is to empower companies with the tools to ensure the best experience for their employees, whilst also increasing their efficiency and satisfaction by making the most out of their day-to-day expense tool.  The best part about AppZen is the ease with which it integrates into Cytric Expense.  We’re delighted to be working with the experts in AI expense auditing and look forward to bringing this native solution to market.” adds Lydie Charpin, Vice President, Customer Solutions, Amadeus Cytric Solutions.