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Contractor deadlines - pavilion stand


If you are the exhibitor please ensure you tick these off on your e-zone tick-list when completed.

If you are a contractor these are the deadlines you need to ad-hear to for the completion of all forms relating to health & safety and the design of the stand.

If you have any queries, please contact the Organiser.

Stand Details – first time you log in but no later than 29th May 2023

 Please check the company name shown for your company. This name that will appear on all marketing relating to the show.

If there is an error or something need updating please advise the operations team.

The exact specifications of your stand and what is included will be confirmed by a member of the operations team.

The latest floor plan can be found here - (pavilions can move on the floor plan from time to time, but this will not effect what you, as an exhibitor, receive.) 

Health and Safety Declaration – 15th May 2023

Every stand must have a nominated health and safety representative. The declaration form must be completed and returned to the operations team. All information can be found here.

Pavilion Stand Risk Assessment – 15th May 2023

Your risk assessment must be sent to the operations team. All information can be found here and the form for you to complete is here

Catering and Hospitality Guidelines – 24th May 2023

Read the guidelines and rules regarding all catering and hospitality at ExCel London. Check this off on your exhibitor ticklist on your e-zone

Pavilion Stand Name Board - 5th June 2023

Each pavilion stand has a space to display your company name and stand number. The name you submit on the form is the name your company will be exhibiting under and appear on the signage and in all visitor guides. Please return this form as soon as possible to our operations team.

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