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Exhibitors badges - pavilion stand


Exhibitors badges

It is the responsibility of the Stand Holder to order and register badges for each person that will be working on the stand during the show. All stand personnel must be registered via your e-zone. Please ensure all stand sharers are also registered for exhibitor badges.

For security reasons all your stand staff must wear an Exhibitor badge in order to gain admission to the hall while the show is open.

We request exhibitors wear their badges at all times during the event.

Exhibitor access during build-up and breakdown

In addition to exhibitor badges everyone accessing the halls for build-up must register with security and undertake a site induction before receiving a wristband which will allow access.

The site induction can be completed prior to arrival which will save time for everyone. Details can be found here

IMPORTANT The wristbands are not valid for access while the show is open.

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