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Lemax Ltd.

Lemax is a web-based travel software for Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies (DMCs). With more than 120 customers globally, 20+ years in the market, Lemax is leading the innovation and changing the way travel companies do their business. We are enabling them to focus more on their customers, and less on administrative work and processes.

We're a team of 90+ travel industry and IT experts and our mission is to transform the travel industry from its foundations by ditalizing and automating manual processes covering the entire customer journey. 

We are more than tech! We are our clients’ partners – supporting them with tourism expertise, implementation, and training services to help them achieve their desired goals with Lemax.

Lemax helps travel companies achieve the essence of their existence - providing unforgettable experiences to their Clients and excellent service to their Partners.



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  • Automate booking journey and improve efficiency – do more with fewer resources and increase revenue.
  • Effortlessly create and sell unique tour packages and automatically generate tour itineraries with all CMS you have per product.  
  • Centralize your entire product offering and publish travel products online using our WEB API.
  • Enable your B2B Partners to log in, search and book through your entire product portfolio via your online B2B Portal.
  • Integrate your entire product catalog into your B2B partner's product offering, using XML Out connection to allow partners to book your products directly through their system.


  • There's no growth without digital transformation. Let us help you fulfill your mission of providing unique experiences to your travelers by enabling end-to-end automation of your business. 


  • "We chose Lemax, as one of the reasons, for a high level of automation - auto-confirmations to suppliers, auto-invoices, auto-itineraries, you name it!" - Marcel Grifoll, Group CFO
  • "We have a reservation system that we can trust again!" Hannah-Jane Ellery, Group Project Manager  
  • "Lemax allows us to be more efficient, make fewer mistakes, spend less time on administration, and focus more on the content and connections to our advisers." - Mattej Valencic, Founding Partner
  • Lemax software offers solutions for different teams and processes to help Tour Operators and DMCs provide a better experience to their customers, and maximize business results.
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