Travel Compositor S.L.

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Travel Compositor S.L.

TravelC is the only holistic technology platform that can be customized for any TTL company to sell from one to unlimited travel service combinations: Flights, Trains, Buses, Ferries, Hotels, Houses/Apartments/Villas, Cruises, Activities, Events, Transfers, Car Rentals, Insurances, and multi-day Tours, to be sold stand-alone or in dynamic, semi-dynamic, multi-dynamic or fixed packages thanks to its wide range of booking engines offer (14 including several world patents ) and the huge cross-selling options. The platform includes more than 30 different modules including Rebooking, Repricing, Business Intelligence, CMS, Mail Marketing, Rooming list, 8 Inventories for uploading own product, Market Place, Custom fees and Commissions, Rewards and Affiliation, Financials Discounts campaigns, Hotel and Room mapping, etc and more tan 200  XML Suppliers ready  to connect 
The solution can be delivered in several formats, ready to be pure B2B, pure B2C, or both B2B and B2C, allowing also the B2B2C through white label copies. The company acts as well as a business generator for its clients in a very scalable way and is serving technology with daily improvements & innovation non-stop, thanks to its unique architecture.
Travel Compositor works today, just after 7 years in the market with 174 clients and 320 brands in 45 countries, including Tour Operators, DMCs, Travel Networks, OTAs, Hotel Chains, and Carriers offering much more than just technology, including a huge number of add values around the technology for free like operations support, consolidation services,  quality and success department, account and project management, etc.


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  • The best Cruises Booking Engine ever. Connected with +10 cruise lines and with the ability to add dynamic services before and/or after the cruise.
  • Visit our demo website and discover by yourself how nice and intuitive the platform is!


  • Cruises Booking Engine

    20 Jun 2022 TravelCompositor
    The best Cruises Booking Engine ever!
  • TravelCompositor examples

    20 Jun 2022 TravelCompositor
    Several examples of TravelC clients.


  • Cruises Booking Engine Prices

    20 Jun 2022 TravelCompositor
    Prices and conditions of our unique Cruises Booking Engine.
  • TravelC MASTER and TravelC ALL IN

    20 Jun 2022 TravelCompositor
    Meet our two models that will take your company to the future!


  • From moonshot thinking to moonshot innovation

    20 Jun 2022 TravelCompositor
    For 20 years, after working and leading tourism, tour operator, and receptive companies, I never really found the technology that would serve me for the solutions I needed and that would serve me as I ...
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