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A travel technology event like no other

Travel Ledger

  • | E-commerce/ Payment Systems
  • | E-commerce/ Payment Systems


Travel Ledger has swiftly establishing itself as the standard for B2B travel billing and settlement; providing a standard way for companies to exchange invoice, booking and remittance data.

Its innovative TL Pay digital banking facility simplifies payments for travel Suppliers and Buyers, promoting an unprecedented level of efficiency and security across the industry.

Travel Ledger also offers a “Premium” service, which provides supply chain failure cover, shielding both Suppliers and Buyers from counterparty failure. Unique to TL Premium is its single booking fee covering both funds protection and all data exchange costs. This reduction in risk enables Suppliers to propose more favourable and flexible payment conditions to buyers, reinforcing B2B relationships and expanding commercial opportunities for all participants.


162-164 upper Richmond Road
SW15 2SL
United Kingdom
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  • Travel Ledger, the leading FinTech company specialising in B2B travel settlement, unveils TL Premium. This all-inclusive subscription service offers unrivalled supply chain failure protection, setting ...
  • The company has grown tremendously since going live in October 2021, achieving quick adoption, but when Travel Ledger was conceived in 2019, the founders wanted to set a new industry standard enabling ...
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