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11 Feb 2019


It’s no secret that airlines and ticket vendor insurers are viewed by many as some of the insurance industry's most 'untrusted' players. Even though most travellers have no idea they are already insured by automatic credit card insurance, they will rarely, if not never, accept airlines insurance offers when buying a ticket.

Experienced travellers may know that buying insurance from a third-party service will cost the same as if it were purchased from the airline, but will result in much more money back in the event of cancellations delays and other mishaps.

So why the mistrust? Two reasons:

  • it can take months to receive a payout from an insurance company and that’s IF the claim is accepted and approved
  • the list of circumstances covered is well below minimal.

People want to receive payouts and compensations in the exact same manner they buy tickets and get insured: with a simple 'finger tap' and no need for personal interaction. Instead, they have to deal with numerous, paperwork and bureaucracy.

Moreover, people are more open to getting insured by non-insurers. According to research done by Accenture Insurance, who surveyed 32.7K insurance customers from all over the world, over 60% said they’d prefer to buy insurance from a bank.

Smaller percentages said they would buy insurance from a tech company, home service provider, retailer, but still not a traditional insurance company or broker.


With so many technology options now available, travel businesses are in the enviable position of being able to streamline processes, enhance customer service and ultimately win back customer trust.

Why not integrate your insurance service into a ticket selling service? Or integrate claims and payouts calculators into your airline vendors app? It's now also possible to use IoMT to sell insurance. Get closer to your customers!

This is what Panzly was created to do. We brought together airline ticket sellers and insurers, added a pinch of satisfying user experience based on AI and behavioral predictions, a titbit of ultra-fast service and served it up in the perfect mobile app.

In the shortest tIme, less time than it takes to have a coffee break at the airport, Panzly automatically triggers compensation in the event of a two hour delay, regardless of the reason for the delay or cancellation.  The service stands between airline ticket vendors or flight aggregators, insurance companies and their clients, becoming a new revenue channel and improving customer experience, such as loyalty programmes for premium customers.

This blog was posted by Alexey Gayduk, mentor at the Hartford Insurtech Hub, CEO & founder of Panzly, the first flight insurance platform from delays and cancellations with immediate payouts, who are exhibiting as part of Travel Technology Europe's Disrupt Launchpad.

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