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07 Feb 2019


Cloud computing not only became a golden tool for travel businesses to thrive, it is becoming the way to do business in 2019. By investing in cloud technology for your company, you set the right foundation to face future challenges in the everchanging travel landscape.

What is cloud computing exactly? There’s no shame in asking. As simple mortals, it can sometimes be hard to get a grasp on the infinite possibilities that the Internet offers. Cloud computing is basically like a virtual office, that you can access from anywhere through the Internet.

Going “full Cloud” is always a big step, whether you are a large corporation, a medium-sized organization or a smaller business. You are not sure the game’s worth the candle?

If you are not yet convinced that cloud computing is a good match for your business, let us give you a brief overview of what it can do for you:

  1. Scalability -Cloud computing offers you scalability, which is fundamental in the travel industry, where your business relies on seasonal peaks and troughs. With online computing services, you can for example increase or decrease your storage capacity based on your needs, adapting to this rapidly-changing demand. Instead of under-utilizing your capacities or being overloaded in high season, cloud computing can deliver the exact amount of IT resources that you need, which not only makes your business operations more efficient but also helps you save money.
  2. Flexibility - If changes were to be made to the software (beyond scalability), they are much easier to implement through the Cloud. Your cloud service provider usually offers customization opportunities to tailor the solution to your precise needs. A larger choice of prebuilt tools together with customization options mean that all your travel-industry specific needs can be addressed the way you want. Flexibility also means that through cloud computing, remote work becomes much easier – which, as you already know, is especially relevant for travel businesses. Any member authorized to access the Cloud can see and use all the company resources in just a few clicks.
  3. Productivity - Offering the opportunity for the employees to access any resource they may need not only facilitates remote work, it also dramatically improves their overall productivity. Being able to manage your customers and vendors relationships, configurate and apply your fees and so much more in a matter of seconds, all-in-one, represents an incredible asset for your business efficiency.
  4. Security - As a travel business, you deal with sensitive data on a daily basis when handling payment and other personal information, and we know that preserving your customers’ privacy is a high priority. Cloud computing makes is easier for you to secure and encrypt this sensitive data, to ensure that it is safely kept away from lousy hands.

On the other hand, it is extremely important for the continuity of your business that data does not get destroyed and that you can securely access it at any time. The safest way to save data is digitalization. Remember this huge fire in the Brazil Museum last September? The entire country lost 200 years of work and historical gems[1]. It could be a fire, a flood, a tsunami, or any other crisis. Having all your data and services digitalized and stored in the Cloud will prevent any loss in emergency situations and help you get back to business as quickly as possible after such incident.

These are only a few examples of how cloud computing can revolutionize your business. It would take a lot longer than a blogpost to write an exhaustive list of all the Cloud’s benefits, but we do hope that it has triggered your curiosity.