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With the ever-increasing amount of personal data being stored, GDPR’s strict guidelines came as no surprise. As we all know, GDPR has enforced a hard statutory requirement to identify and report data breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours
Timely compliance is a priority for us all, not only to meet GDPR regulations, but to mitigate data loss and manage any reputational damage.

Non-compliance with GDPR is serious business. Within the last few weeks, Google was fined €50,000,000 for having a lack of consent for its ad service. Last month, the European Commission published its latest figures on the number of data breaches reported since GDPR’s implementation in May 2018. 

GDPR saw businesses file 41,502 data breach notifications between May 2018 and January 2019. This huge number is an indicator that all organisations should have systems in place to monitor and identify data breaches, no matter the size. Although identifying a data breach is a sizeable and complex task, organisations are now able to employ a service to satisfy this requirement. 

Managed Breach Identification Service ensures a timely identification of a breach, therefore allowing a company to fulfil its statutory reporting duty under GDPR.

Sourcing a travel booking system to suit your business

Another challenge for businesses handling client data is finding a data management system that works for both you and your customers. Travel booking systems, Customer Managements Systems and Customer Relationship Management platforms need to integrate with your existing programmes to create a seamless user experience for both parties.

Receiving unbiased advice from an IT support service will help you to prioritise your selection criteria when choosing which system to purchase. Implementing the new system needn’t be daunting - an IT specialist will offer assistance with customisation, multi-vendor integration and reporting requirements once they have helped you choose the correct software.

Service continuity in the event of an emergency

Ensuring smooth running of your business is a necessity, not only for convenience but for safety’s sake too. Continuity of service is a must when an emergency happens. Furnishing your employees with the correct access to information, technology, data and procedures promotes safety for both your employees and your customers if a disaster (physical or cyber) were to happen.

Disaster Recovery contingency planning must focus on technology and data remaining accessible, regardless of the circumstances. Storing the necessary data remotely on Tier 4 data hardware provides a robust solution to accessing your data in a crisis. As the highest ranked data centre in terms of reliability and security, information stored on Tier 4 hardware is safe and accessible when needed. When Disaster Recovery planning, safeguarding your business’s technology and data is possible through a Disaster Recovery Service

This provides your organisation with access to Tier 4 data centres and a specialist data centre engineering team without the high costs of implementing and managing your own facility.

Blog author: Ian Richardson, Managing Director, TheICEway. Ian will be launching TheICEway’s Managed Breach Identification Service at Travel Technology Europe. TheICEway will also be exhibiting its Disaster Recovery Service and Travel Systems Selection and Consultancy Service at Stand T32 at Travel Technology Europe, Olympia London on 20-21 February 2019.