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07 Feb 2020


TravelOperations: The all-in-one solution for the travel industry based on Microsoft Dynamics 365...

TravelOperations: The all-in-one solution for the travel industry based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Being one of the most successful and dynamic industries in the world, travel industry is constantly evolving, making it necessary for your business to react quickly to all kinds of technological challenges. Even though the demands are increasing dramatically in this regard, most travel agencies can’t help but wonder:

Is investing in a mid and back office really worth it?

At first, that is a rather logical inquiry as the implementation of a new mid and back office sounds insanely costly, time-consuming and risky for a travel agency. This is why it is so crucial to understand the multiple benefits and the great end value that your agency will gain for making such investment!

Our mission at TravelOperations is to make a difference for travel agencies around the world by providing this enhanced value to our customers.

Why choose us?

We are an experienced team of dedicated technology and travel consultants that solely focus on delivering business solutions to the travel industry based on Microsoft technology.

Specifically, our solution with travel-specific functionality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (former Dynamics NAV) enables us to serve small and medium-sized travel agencies and help them embark on the digital transformation journey. The combination of proven Dynamics functionality and travel-specific features will support the unique processes in your travel business.

Which are the key benefits for your travel agency?

  • Buying a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics means investing in proven technology with years of experience that carries all the standard functionality you may need.
  • You get to work with widely used tools, such as Excel or Word, which are fully integrated in the Dynamics platforms.
  • Having your travel agency management system running in the cloud provides high availability, security and low maintenance costs.
  • Your company’s data will be always safely secured by Microsoft’s solid and verified Azure platform, eliminating the risk of data breaches and devastating GDPR fines.
  • TravelOperations is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. Cooperating with a Microsoft partner will ensure that you are investing in a system that is a perfect fit for your business requirements and is embedded into one of the most well-known and proven ERP environments on the market. It is the perfect combination of a standard solution, cutting-edge technology, and travel industry expertise.

After all, the real question for your travel business is not “Should I invest in a back and mid office?” but rather “How much value am I getting for this investment?”

Visit our team and discover more about our solution at Travel Technology Europe on stand T56! Or, learn more at