22 Jan 2018

Meon Valley Delivers Streamlined Customer Experiences Using Freshdesk

For travel companies, customer experience will be the main priority in 2018 according to research by Travel Technology Europe. Improving areas like usability, support and ease of use around services can help keep customers happy and coming back in the future.

As an example of this in action, Meon Valley Travel Group has moved over to Freshdesk to help manage its interactions with customers. Meon Valley helps a range of companies from private clients through to global brands with their worldwide travel requirements.

Colin Boddy, Corporate Director at Meon Valley, said, “We needed a tool to streamline all our customer support operations, manage the team’s workload more effectively, and give us visibility of service levels. Previously, if we wanted to monitor every single booking, that would have been a monumental effort, and we had no insight. We needed a tool that would allow us to put more science behind what we thought was happening.”

The Meon Valley team implemented Freshdesk to help manage individual interactions with all clients as well as providing that valuable insight into relationships over time. Now that all customer support enquiries were being routed through Freshdesk, Meon Valley’s corporate travel division has visibility over agent performance and workloads. “If we get a declined booking, we can understand the reasons why. We started getting meaningful data very shortly after implementation, and once we did, we started to find out how long it was taking us to turn around enquiries, and how many bookings were being raised,” commented Boddy.

Freshdesk benefits and success

Since going live with Freshdesk, Meon Valley has been able to streamline the way that teams work. “We now have meaningful data to understand what our service level agreement compliance is like, we can see our first response times, and we’ve reduced the amount of manual effort or duplication of efforts among agents. Already, we’ve seen a steady decrease in our first response time over the course of the year,” explained Boddy.

In the months following the implementation of Freshdesk, Meon Valley were able to reduce their average first response time to 1hr 18 mins. With the improved efficiency of the team, they have been able to handle significantly more tickets. The team achieved a resolution rate of 99 per cent across all cases in 2017, while 87 per cent of tickets were now closed within less than five customer responses.

All of this effort has had a very positive impact on customer satisfaction levels. Across more than 22,000 tickets opened by customers, the team received just one per cent negative feedback over the course of the year. This was a big reduction compared to previously.

Alongside looking at the improvement in individual customer service, Boddy and his team can now conduct in-depth analysis to manage agent workloads and priorities, something that was not possible before. “We can report this kind of data back to senior management internally and to customers as well, which shows a new level of maturity. Our lives are much easier as we have detailed visibility of agent performance and company priorities around customer experience, based on the data we get from Freshdesk,” continued Boddy.

The future for customer experience at Meon Valley with Freshworks

Following the success of the initial implementation, Meon Valley has replaced Salesforce with the Freshsales CRM system, expanding how the company can integrate its approach around customer experience.

“We’re working on how we can get the most out of Freshdesk and Freshsales over the coming months. Our Account Managers will now be able to see what their customers are doing, what issues need attention, and how to provide a truly collaborative customer experience,” concluded Boddy.

About the Author: George is the Sales Manager at Freshdesk, the leading cloud-based customer support software from Google-backed SaaS provider, Freshworks. Freshworks is exhibiting at Travel Technology Europe.