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Each shell scheme stand will have a name board to each open side, including your company name and stand number. Ensure we use the correct name by submitting this form. Any changes required onsite will lead to delay and if this form hasn't been returned, we may have to charge you for onsite changes.

If you have booked a shell scheme stand through the Organiser, we will build your stand. Your company name and stand number will be supplied on a standard panel fixed to the front of your stand. Please fill in this form and return before the deadline date to ensure your name panel is correct.

Stand Name Board Rules
  • Please fill the space provided above or on the Nameboard Form with the name you require to be displayed on the nameboard of your stand, please make sure you type carefully or write clearly if you have printed off, as changes that have been made due to incorrect typing will be charged for.
  • In all cases, standard upper and lower case lettering will be used
  • In all cases, abbreviations will be used (ie: Limited = Ltd / Company = Co / Brothers = Bros)
  • Please indicate special additions eg; è, õ, ñ, etc.
  • There is a 40 character limit. 
  • If a return form is not received we will take the name provide by the organisers from the exhibitors list, if it is necessary to change this after the deadline there will be a charge of £25 + VAT applied per board changed.
  • If you have a specific enquiry regarding your name you can email remembering to state which show you are exhibiting at and your stand number in the subject heading. 
  • Deadline for the receipt of the nameboard return form should be no later than 31st May 2022
  • If you have booked a shell scheme after the deadline date please return this form immediately.