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Shell Scheme & Pavilion Stands


If you have booked a shell scheme stand please check below what is provided and what is and is not permitted within your stand.

In all cases, we recommend you take a look at the Extra Services page after checking the below; it serves as a checklist of all the things you might want to consider pre-event. From parking for your stand staff, to making your stand a desirable visitor destination through graphics and hospitality, it's a pick and choose directory of all our supporting services.

Shell scheme stands comprise of carpet, walling and a fascia with a name board.

For an image of the shell scheme stand showing standard dimensions, please see the Shell Scheme Visual.​​​​​​​

Should you have any queries about your shell scheme stand, or need any further information, please contact the Organiser

Shell Scheme Stand Regulations

  • All interior stand fittings must be contained within the shell scheme structure and must not exceed 2.35m in height unless you have requested your fascia and ceiling grid to be removed.
  • All stand construction and displays must be made from fireproofed materials and installed to the satisfaction of the authorities. Lightweight exhibits or displays can be attached by the use of double-sided tape, pads or Velcro.
  • Please do not nail, screw, glue or staple anything into the shell scheme. Any charges for damage caused to the shell scheme will be passed back to you. The shell scheme contractor can give advice on suitable forms of fixings for your products and can supply a range of fixings.
  • Under no circumstances may exhibitors paint the shell scheme. Changes to the wall panel colour must only be carried out by the official shell contractor and will be charged for.
  • If you wish to block in the open sides of your stand you must obtain permission from the Organiser before any arrangements are made. A minimum of one third of any open side is to remain open.
  • Any walls required on any frontage or to sub-divide a stand must be arranged direct with the official Shell Scheme Contractor and will be charged for.
  • It is sometimes necessary to use half metre panels to construct stands and any construction should be planned around these panels. If you need to know if this is the case on your stand please contact the Shell Scheme Contractor 
  • No material including advertising and logos may be fixed to the exterior surface of your stand.
  • The ceiling grid may not be used for hanging banners, signs, etc, as it has a very low weight bearing.
  • If you are building a shell scheme interior, you will need to submit full plans to the Organiser before build can commence.
  • All Shell Scheme exhibitors must complete a Health & Safety Declaration and Risk Assessment before they will be allowed to set up their stand.
  • As an exhibitor you must be insured for Public Liability to a minimum level of £2,000,000. If you do not currently have Public Liability Insurance, this can be obtained for the event from Hiscox. Please ensure that you have a copy of your policy documents with you, onsite at the event. Failure to comply will be at your own risk. Please send a copy of your insurance to the Organiser.
  • Please see Health & Safety Guidance for information and advice regarding Covid-19 and conducting your Risk Assessment.