Ben Brook

Ben Brook

Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Travel
Ben is currently the inbound marketing manager for SEO Travel, a marketing agency with a focus on the travel industry. SEO Travel is the leading digital marketing agency for the industry, driving growth for some well-known brands in the space by providing Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, PR, Email and Paid Social Media Marketing services. We also partner with major bodies and organisations in the space such as ATOL, WTM and WTA to deliver sessions, content and value to their members. Ben has a diverse digital marketing background, starting his career in website design and now focusing on wider digital marketing strategy with a keen eye for channels such as Email Marketing and Paid Social Media. He has 10 years of experience working cross channel for B2B and B2C organisations globally across EMEA and APAC in sectors such as Travel, Financial Services, Recruitment, HR, SaaS and Technology.