Chris Photi

Mr Chris Photi

Head of Travel and Leisure Team , White Hart Associates LLP

Chris leads the specialist travel industry team at Chartered Accountants White Hart Associates. Chris has been in public practice since 1979.  Chris has advised many travel companies of all sizes over the years in relation to the travel regulation licensing and bonding framework together with travel specific auditing accounting and taxation issues.  He has also acted as corporate finance advisor in relation to a number of high profile travel mergers and acquisition with transaction values of up to £300m.

He advises a diverse selection of travel industry clients from very large organizations (he has advised five FTSE 100 companies in relation to travel regulatory matters) to the small entrepreneur owned and operated travel business and has provided advisory work, at one time or another, for over 50% of the current Top 250 travel companies in the UK. The firm currently has a portfolio of 200 plus travel clients.

He writes columns in the Travel Press and is also a seasoned presenter at travel industry conferences and seminars including the Travel Convention, The Travel Insurance Industry Conference, The UK Bar Association Conference, The Barclays Travel Forum, Travel Weekly Future of Travel Convention etc and also provides specific upskilling seminars on travel related matters to financial and corporate organizations.

He has 40 years’ experience in the sector and works for the practice exclusively on travel industry related matters.