Hjörtur Smárason

Hjörtur Smárason

CEO, Visit Greenland
Hjörtur Smárason is a place branding expert and communication strategist and has worked for cities, regions and countries in Africa, Asia and Europe on their communications, branding, future visions and crisis strategies. Hjörtur lives currently in Nuuk in Greenland and is the CEO of Visit Greenland, leading the restart of tourism and the development of Greenland as a leading destination when it comes to sustainability and adventure tourism. Hjörtur has a degree in anthropology from the University of Iceland, political science from Lund University in Sweden and business and economic development from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. He has advised companies and governments on their crisis and post-crisis communications following natural catastrophies, economic crisis and political turmoil. Hjörtur is a keynote speaker, commentator in the media and book editor.