Mark Rizzuto

Mark Rizzuto

CEO, Livn

Mark is a believer that almost all businesses need to regularly pivot to stay attuned to changing consumer behaviours and their adopted technologies, while acknowledging that technology is a double-edged sword that can enable as powerfully as it can disrupt.  

Mark has seen travel from every angle, holding senior roles across the Airline, Retail, Corporate, Wholesale, Destination Marketing, Online, GDS and technology verticals, including GM Distribution & E-Commerce at Virgin Australia, Head of Retail Distribution Strategy & Partnerships at Helloworld and Managing Director Asia Pacific for Travelport.

Now the CEO at Livn, he is helping to shape the tours, activities, attractions & events sector while maintaining transparency, integrity and a healthy sense of humour.  His love of travel, food and new frontiers, (all forms), keep him and those around him, highly entertained and engaged.