Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Executive Producer & Founder, Green Taveller
I am a writer and producer/director specialising in sustainable travel and tourism. Green traveller, the media production agency I founded in 2006, promotes low carbon travel, sustainable tourism, biodiversity conservation and and local community empowerment through words, photos and film. The website includes Green Traveller Guides to specific destinations which focus on the entire visitor experience, including low carbon transport and low impact activities. My most recent work has been to produce a series of videos about business recovery post COVID for Visit Britain/VisitEngland and a series of features about sustainable travel for the US National Geographic (May 2021). Green Traveller has worked with more than 50 clients in the public and private sector to film, edit, produce and distribute videos as well as other editorial, promotional and marketing services. We are also experienced in making videos interactive and optimising video distribution across social media for destinations promoting sustainable tourism.