Roberto Da Re

Roberto Da Re

CEO, Travel Ledger

Roberto has over 25 years of experience in the Travel Technology space, and is a highly respected and established leader in this sector, consistently at the forefront of knowledge, innovation and development. 

Starting his career at SABRE in Europe, and then moving to their operations base in the US, enabled Roberto to gain a deep insight and understanding of the global Travel Distribution market.  In the late nineties he returned to Europe, where; applying and expanding on his in-depth knowledge of supply chain in the Travel Industry, founded Dolphin Dynamics.  Which today, remains a leading supplier of travel back-office and reservation platforms.

A natural technologist entrepreneur at heart, in late 2016 Roberto started taking an interest in the Fintech and payment space and was immediately attracted by the innovation of Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contract Technology, paired with the changes happening in the payment industry where transformation and change was happening at an ever-increasing speed. 

The idea then came to leverage such emerging technologies and market changes to revolutionise the space of settlement in the Travel Industry.  Along with the realisation that, since the eighties, aside from the introduction of virtual cards not much had changed in the way of innovation and development in this space.