18 May 2021

14.00 BST/15.00 CET/09.00 ET

Join us at TravelTech Show's first two-hour virtual TechTalk: The Edge

After the pandemic, the travel and tourism sector will be the world’s biggest start‐up. With everyone starting from zero, there are opportunities for newcomers to disrupt the old-world order and for established players to rethink how they do things. This TechTalk will look at new sources of data, intelligence on how consumers have been changed by the pandemic, and innovative ways of creating actionable insights from a wider range of data sources.

Please note: TechTalk: The Edge is a buyer only event. We reserve the right to decline the registration of anyone who we feel is not a travel technology buyer. If you are a supplier and would like to get involved, contact a member of the sales team today

Sponsored by: Bright Data


Please note all timings are shown in British Summer Time (BST).

  1. 15 mins
  1. 45 mins
    The world is drowning in data ‐ by 2025, we are expected to generate 463 exabytes of it a day. The challenge for companies in travel and tourism is how to tease out the nuggets from this to create actionable insights that make commercial sense and that are legal. This session looks at the changing rules around individuals' data privacy, changes in digital marketing, the tools available to source and crunch huge volumes of data and converting them into something that C‐suites can understand and act upon, and how to establish the link between insights and commercial success.
  1. 30 mins
    In a year of constant shifts, where the unpredictable played a bigger role than ever, online data came to the rescue in more ways than one. What was once consumed in quite “traditional” streams has now become a creative mission‐critical platform to navigating a rapidly shifting market. In this session, Tamir Roter, VP of EMEA & APAC at Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks), will present several examples from across the travel sector, where mass‐scale online data has led to successful results in predicting market developments while piecing together the reality jigsaw by the minute.
    Sponsored by Bright Data
  1. 30 mins