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Conference programme 2024


Navigating The Changing Landscape For Sourcing And Selling Travel Product

19 Jun 2024
Tech Huddle Zone

Your life as a Tour Operator and Online Travel Agent is becoming increasingly complex.

There are fundamental changes in both the sourcing of product and the selling of that product to your customer. The technology travel companies use is at the heart of these challenges.

From sourcing hotel inventory through channel managers, a deeper technical integration for your flying programme, to leveraging ancillary sales and managing complex static vs dynamic contracts - the technology must evolve to meet supply-side demands.

Equally, the supply must work in harmony with how you want to sell and the needs of your customers. This could be building complex itinerary building, implementing fast caching solutions, providing an omnichannel offering etc. all to increase choice for your customer, your margin and your conversion success.

We'll delve into both sides of this coin, the impact each has on the other, and discuss the various options available to you.


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Andy Keeley, Commercial Director - intuitive


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