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Stand guidelines – space only


What is included

Space only stands are just that; a space on the exhibition floor. There is no walling, stand fittings, electrics or carpet provided and you are responsible for organising all of this at your own cost.

All stand plans must adhere to our Space Only Build Regulations please read these thoroughly and contact the Organiser if you have any queries.

If you need help with the design or build of your stand please contact our partner contractors. Their details can be found here.

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What you must provide

To ensure compliance with our Space Only Build Regulations and the venues eGuide regulations, two full sets of your build plans must be submitted in advance of the show. Please submit your plans to KRM Safety Management no later than Friday 10th May 2024.

The plans must include;

  • Drawn plans, clearly showing elevation and plan views with measurements noted including the maximum height. Detail build materials, include any inflatables or rigged elements, prove the structural stability, be specifically for this exhibition
  • A Construction Phase Plan as your individual stand area is classed as a construction site in its own right.
  • Public Liability Insurance which covers the company building and dismantling your stand.
  • A Method Statement
  • A Health & Safety Declaration
  • A detailed Risk Assessment which must include details of any unusual exhibits or activities on the stand (any machinery, working kitchens, moving visitor attractions).

All documents must be submitted in English and should clearly state the exhibiting company's name, stand number along with the name of the company, persons name and the details of the person responsible for the stand build.

Approval must not be assumed until written approval is received. Once approval has been received no alteration may be made to the approved design without further approval being sought.

A full set of the above must be submitted by uploading them to the KRM Safety Management auditing portal. You can do this by following this link – SPACE ONLY UPLOAD. When requested you should enter the email address that was used to book your stand as the password. This information should be submitted by Friday 10th May 2024

The Organiser reserves the right not to allow the build of your stand to begin if plans have not been submitted and approved prior to the show.

If you are unsure as to what must be submitted and how to go about it, please contact the operations team.

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Space Only Build Regulations

The regulations below are supported by and should be followed in conjunction with the current AEV eGuide

Please direct any queries regarding our build regulations and what we require to the Organiser

  • The stand number must be shown clearly on each side of the stand.
  • All electrical works must be carried out by the official electrical contractor Full Circle.
  • Only organiser official contractors can operate fork lifts on site, if you require these services please contact our official lifting and shipping contractor ILS Tel: +44 (0) 24 7633 7955
  • Approval to build above 4m will be granted at the Organiser’s discretion and the maximum build height for any stand is 6m.
  • Should you wish to build higher than 4m structural calculations must be submitted with your stand plans. The additional charges incurred in having these calculations checked and a structural engineer attend to approve the stand onsite during build-up will be passed to the exhibitor / their chosen contractor.
  • No double-decker stands will be permitted.
  • Dividing walls must be built between your stand and adjoining stands, extending to the boundaries of your stand. These walls should be a maximum height of 4m and a minimum height of 2.5m.
  • You must supply walling to your own stand and not use the back walls provided by other stands, whether they are space only stands or shell scheme stands.
  • All stand construction must be completely self-supporting and no fittings or painting may be made to any part of the venue structure.
  • Where the stand walls, including towers, exceed 2.5m in height they must be suitably clad and decorated in white, or a neutral colour, on the reverse side, to the requirements of the adjoining stand, and carry neither titles, devices, advertising matter nor exhibits where the elevation overlooks the lower stand. The Organiser reserves the right to request further dressing to such areas onsite, should the quality of this dressing be deemed to affect the appearance of any neighbouring stand.
  • In the case of any stand less than 50sqm in total, a minimum of one third of any open side is to remain open, from floor to ceiling. No runs greater than 3m of building material including but not limited to solid walling, glass frame, fabric or PVC banners on open sides (perimeters) will be allowed. Walls along perimeters must be decorated with graphics or display items and not left plain. If you are unsure if your stand plan complies with the above, please contact KRM Safety team or the organiser.
  • In the case of any stand over 50sqm in total, at least one half of any open side must remain open (from floor to ceiling). Furthermore, no runs greater than 5m of building material including but not limited to solid walling, glass frame, fabric or PVC banners anywhere on the stand will be allowed. Any walling to an open side must be decorated with graphics or display items and not left plain.

If you are unsure if your stand plan complies with the above, please contact KRM Safety or the organiser.

  • All cladding of columns must be self-supporting and access must be made available to any services on these columns.
  • No part of the stand construction / display, including rotating signs, or any exhibits may protrude or project over the perimeter of the stand into the gangways or over neighbouring stands.
  • Position and permission to rig banners, trusses or inflatables will be given at the Organiser’s discretion and will be subject to submission of detailed plans with measurements.
  • Banners may not exceed 50% of the width or depth of the stand, they should not exceed 6m in height and in the case of stands that are not an island site they must be centred to the stand depth.
  • Any element of any banner or truss exceeding 4m in TravelTech Show will be subject to a £1,500 media charge from the organiser (in addition to rigging costs).
  • Please note if you are in the Business Travel Technology Zone the media fee for any element of any banner or truss exceeding 4m will be subject to a £2,500 media charge from the organiser (in addition to rigging costs).
  • Where two or more exhibitors sharing a block intend to rig, each party will be informed. Plans will not be shared but the Organiser will facilitate a joint conversation to ensure both parties’ requirements are met, and to avoid any conflict of interest.
  • To rig a banner or truss above your stand contact ExCeL Core Services via the Rigging Order Form in the exhibitor manual accessed via the ezone. The final deadline for all rigging orders is Monday 20th May 2024, no orders will be accepted after this date.
  • All stand construction and displays must be made from fireproof materials and installed to the satisfaction of the authorities.
  • All lockable doors to store rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, etc. must have a vision panel in case of emergency and that vision panel must meet the requirements of the current eGuide.
  • Doors must not open onto gangways.
  • The Equality Act 2010 gives disabled persons rights to access goods, facilities and services. You have a duty to ensure that all persons have access to your stand. All stands must be accessible to visitors using wheelchairs.
  • Platforms must be of a strength and stability sufficient to carry and distribute the weight of stand fittings and exhibits with regard to the loading limits of the venue floor.
  • All platforms must be ramped to allow full access and egress to disabled visitors. All stand floors and platforms, regardless of height, must include suitable ramping to allow access for these visitors. The minimum width for the access ramp is 1200mm and the gradient should be no greater than 1:12.
  • Open corners of stand floors and platforms should be splayed, rounded and angled, if not protected by heavy exhibits, to avoid sharp corners and tripping hazards.
  • The means of escape from a stand must not be greater than 12m and must give an uninterrupted path to safety.
  • Any presentations / demonstrations likely to interest large groups of visitors must be located towards the centre of the stand and clearly shown on stand drawings.
  • Should any noise producing activities be expected on your stand, during the open period, these must be highlighted in your stand plan submission. An onsite sound check will be required, during which noise levels will be agreed so that these activities do not unduly affect other exhibitors. The organiser will need to apply for a licence for any music on the stand, this will be charged to the exhibitor. Without notification to the organiser at least 28 days prior to the event the music will not be able to go ahead.
  • Any catering facilities should be clearly marked on your plans, and details shared with ExCeL London Hospitality to arrange a buy out fee. All exhibitors carrying out food operations (cooking, storing, handling, preparing or distributing food, or supplying food for sampling) should be registered as food businesses with their local authority (UK). Permission to proceed with food operations is subject to submission to the organiser and written approval of full HACCP documentation.
  • If you intend to do construction work onsite please be considerate to others. Please do not off-load, work or paint in other peoples’ stand areas as this can be a source of irritation to fellow exhibitors arriving to set up their stand.
  • You are responsible for the actions of any contractor you employ to work for you and will be held responsible for misconduct by them. Any damage caused by your contractors will be charged directly back to you.


  • Please note all contractors are responsible for removing any build materials waste on their stand, if you do not have capacity take your waste with you please ensure you book a bin through ExCel London

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