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Arcus Technologies Ltd

Stand: M81

Arcus Technologies leverages over 20 years of expertise in the customer engagement, mobile, and information technology market, aiming to revolutionize the customer experience. Our commitment is to go beyond conventional approaches and cultivate a customer-centric environment that not only facilitates users but enhances their overall experience. Positioned as a trailblazer in Customer Engagement Solutions, Arcus Tech is dedicated to challenging the existing 'status quo' by introducing innovative and disruptive solutions.

Introducing our flagship product, Tourist PaaS, we present a cutting-edge, In-Destination mobile experience platform. This platform enables travellers to fully immerse themselves in the richness of a destination. Real-time campaigns, driven by user experiences and travel patterns, suggest personalized itineraries, upsells, and promote Tourist Attractions and Activities (TAAs) while the traveller is in the destination. Tourist PaaS operates on a "Go As You Please" model, granting instant access to all TAAs within the ecosystem. This innovative solution empowers operators to align with the latest travel trends, facilitating instant communication within this dedicated travel ecosystem.

At Arcus Technologies, we are not just offering solutions; we are pioneering a new era in customer engagement, setting the stage for unparalleled experiences and sustained business success. Join us as we redefine the future of customer engagement in the dynamic landscape of technology and travel.

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In Destination Traveller Engagement


GF Agius De Soldanis Street
Santa Venera
SVR 1910
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