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A travel technology event like no other

Arcus Technologies Ltd

  • | Booking & Reservation Systems
  • | Travel communications software
Arcus Technologies Ltd

At Arcus, we're dedicated to providing cutting-edge mobile engagement technology solutions that empower businesses of all sizes and structures. We believe that technology should enhance your business, not add to its complexity. That's why we offer our solutions on a SOLution as a Service (SOLaaS) basis, which means you can fully concentrate on reaping the benefits of our technology without any IT concerns.

Great service is key to all businesses in order to thrieve, but In today's competitive marketplace, Customer Engagement is key. That's why we've developed TOURIST PAAS, a seamless and intuitive In Destination Mobile Experience Platform which helps the traveller to fully immerse themselves in all that the destination has to offer. Real time campaigns based on user experience and travel patterns suggest itineraries, upsells, and promotes TAAs whilst the traveller is in Destination. This helps the traveller decide when and how they experience a destination on a Go As You Please model which offers instant access to TAAs found within the ecosystem.

Tourist PaaS allows operators to reach their goals offering a solution which is constantly in line with the latest travel trends whilst also empowering them to engage directly with travellers with the right message, over the right device, at the right time. With Tourist PaaS, travellers will always be well and truly engaged, so businesses can thrive.


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