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A travel technology event like no other



With over 25 years of deep travel technology expertise, trava has established itself as the partner of choice in the area of post-booking automation for OTAs and TMCs across the world, enhancing their operational efficiency and improving the bottom line.

Our scalable solution enables travel agents to easily create and manage practically any post-booking process across all booking environments. We offer intuitive interface with visual workflows supported by the drag-and-drop functionality to design customised automation in just a few clicks. No coding is necessary, and updates can be implemented instantly. 

Trava takes care of vital post-booking processes so that our customers can focus on creating the seamless travel experience that will enhance their profitability today and revenue growth of tomorrow.

Areas of automation:

  • Queue Management
  • Flight Disruptions and Schedule Changes
  • Customer Communication 
  • Reservation Quality Control
  • Ticketing & EMDs
  • Refunds & Exchanges
  • Fare Assurance and Optimization
  • Detection and automated refunds of Unused Tickets 
  • Parsing of CAT16 penalties into structured data


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