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Charlotte Lamp Davies

19 Jun 2024
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Expert topic 02 - Investment advice , Expert topic 03 - Marketing and sales strategy , Expert topic 05 - Winning and keeping customers

Carlotte has extensive experience in business development, sales, marketing and events organising. She also possesses excellent communication, persuasion, negotiation and presentation skills, is fluent in 4 languages, including Danish, German, English and Swedish, and has worked across all continents and travelled extensively over the past 28 years developing strong cultural insight of all regions, especially Europe, US, Middle East and Asia.

An entrepreneurial mind with a strong interest in new technologies, she has sector experience in brand building, travel, petrochemicals, oil, software technology and international publishing. Charlotte is a highly self-motivated and strong leader with a flair for creative selling and a positive and tenacious nature. She aims to stay at the forefront of new technologies, develop sales and marketing strategies and deliver positive results for clients.

Expert in: 

investment marketing customers

Charlotte Lamp Davies, Founder & CEO - A Bright Approach