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06 Jun 2024

Jetpac Expands Product Lines to Maximise Travel Convenience For All Travellers

Jetpac Travel eSIM Hall: TTS Stand: M80
Jetpac Expands Product Lines to Maximise Travel Convenience For All Travellers

 Jetpac, a premium travel eSIM provider, has expanded its offerings to enhance travel convenience. Known for providing reliable global connectivity in over 100 countries, Jetpac introduces three new products: JetProJetFlex, and JetPass.

Singapore - June 6, 2024 —

Jetpac, a premium travel eSIM service provider redefining the way travelers roam, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its product offerings. Jetpac's travel technology platform provides instant global connectivity to reliable roaming in over 100 countries through the simple activation of one eSIM. Moving beyond its renowned Travel eSIM data packs, Jetpac is now offering three more innovative products, each meticulously designed to transform every traveler's journey. This leap forward aligns perfectly with the innovative platform's mission to deliver unparalleled travel convenience for everyone and democratize hassle-free travel for everyone!

New Product Launch: Tailored Solutions for Every Traveler

Whether you're an occasional tourist, a frequent flyer, or a digital nomad, Jetpac's new product lineup is here to cater to every traveler. Introducing JetPro, JetFlex, and JetPass – the ultimate trio to revolutionize your travel experience.

JetProThe Ultimate Travel Bundle

  • Overview: JetPro is your all-in-one, subscription-based travel companion. It is designed to smooth out the pain points of frequent travelers, by offering a touch of luxury and convenience to every journey.
  • Key Features: Enjoy monthly eSIM data packs, SmartDelay, and free VPN trials alongside newly added lounge access and fast-track services. Travel seamlessly and indulge in premium perks that make you feel like a VIP once you step into the airport.

JetFlexFlexibility at Its Finest

  • Overview: JetFlex is a data-only subscription service available for 3, 6, or 12 months. This product is ideal for travelers who prioritize connectivity but also want the flexibility to add perks as needed.
  • Key Features: In addition to eSIM data packs, JetFlex subscribers can access SmartDelay and VPN trial services for free. They can also purchase lounge access and fast-track passes, either as single passes or in bundles, at heavily discounted rates (~50%). This ensures they have the options they need without committing to a full bundle.

JetPassJetpac’s Travel Upgrade

  • Overview: JetPass offers a range of travel perks that can be added to any one-time data pack purchase. This product is perfect for travelers who prefer to tailor their travel experience.
  • Key Features: JetPass includes free SmartDelay and VPN trial services, with the option to purchase lounge access and fast-track passes individually or in bundles. This flexibility allows travelers to customize their perks based on their specific needs.

“This marks a giant step for Jetpac in democratizing travel convenience for everyone!” said Aditya Goyal, Business Head of New Business Build, Circles. “Up till now, customers have to either shell out big bucks for accessing lounges/fast tracks by buying business/premium class tickets or pay hefty credit card membership fees! For the first time, we bring ultimate travel convenience for EVERYONE! Today, we launch 3 new products - JetPass, JetFlex, and JetPro, and travel will never be the same again!” 

Beta Launch and Early Access

Jetpac's new products will enter beta testing at the end of June/early July. The pioneer in travel tech is opening a waitlist for early testers who want to be among the first to experience the enhanced features and benefits of its new product lineup.

"We're very excited to launch these products as it takes us one step closer to Jetpac's mission of ultimate travel freedom and convenience for every type of traveler,” says Pearlyn Yeo, Head of Marketing, New Businesses Build, Circles.“This opens up even greater opportunities for us to learn about our Jetpac customers and continue adding services that will suit their needs."

Enhancing the Travel Experience

Jetpac's expanded offerings are designed to elevate the travel experience from the moment travelers step into the airport until they reach their destination. By providing comprehensive solutions that address various travel pain points, Jetpac aims to make every journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Key Points of Jetpac

Hyper-Convenience | Zero Hassles

  • Jetpac's eSIM solution covers over 100 countries, allowing users to connect seamlessly without the hassle of switching physical SIMs. All services can be managed within a single app, ensuring instant connectivity upon arrival.

Data Freedom | Roam Like a Boss

  • The data packs offer high value at affordable prices and are available for activation anytime. This flexibility caters to travelers' diverse needs, regardless of their telco.

Trust & Reliability | Goodbye, Bill Shocks

  • Transparent pricing ensures no roaming bill shocks. With a high customer satisfaction rate, Jetpac offers top-tier customer service to address any issues or questions promptly.

More Than Just a Travel eSIM | Travel Convenience Lifestyle

  • Jetpac provides free SmartDelay for flights delayed over one hour, offering access to over 1,100 airport lounges. Additionally, you can bring up to 5 co-travelers, whether they are family, friends, or colleagues.

About the company: Powered by Circles, Jetpac was launched in 2022 as a premium travel eSIM service provider geared to redefine the way travelers roam. Jetpac’s travel tech platform instantly connects travelers globally to reliable roaming in 100+ countries through the simple activation of 1 eSIM. Jetpac is focused on delivering a hyper-convenient way for customers to roam, providing them with data freedom and a bill-shock-free travel experience. More than a travel eSIM, Jetpac also provides value-added innovative services that go beyond traditional data connectivity, making it the ideal travel partner for all

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