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Paxport shows a great start to 2024

Paxport shows a great start to 2024
Paxport gets a great perspective of how the travel market is performing. As a leading airline aggregation business, their customer base is diverse and made up of every market segment – from global OTAs to specialist tour operators and from business travel agencies to brand new start-ups, they are in the fortunate position to not only support their clients but play a key role in shaping the airline distribution community.

2024 has certainly started with a bang, with their distribution platform facilitating more passengers booked than in any previous January. After many years of travel disruptions, it's great to see people's passion for travel still ever growing. Ensuing their customers are connected to the must-have airline content sources remains their number one priority and over the past 12 months, they've been adding many more airlines, flight consolidators and brand new solutions to their product portfolio, including exclusive content from Norse Atlantic Airways and a new NDC based connection with Singapore Airlines. Together with their new post-booking servicing capabilities, Paxport is truly enabling the travel industry to more efficiently source the airline content they need to drive their businesses forward.
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