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ProTAS Enhances Services with Split Ticketing for Evolvi Travel Agencies

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ProTAS Enhances Services with Split Ticketing for Evolvi Travel Agencies

ProTAS has recently integrated Split Ticketing support into the Evolvi rail booking system, enhancing the services offered to travel agencies. The incorporation of Evolvi xml version into ProTAS allows agencies to efficiently capitalize on the advantages of Split Ticketing, thereby optimizing rail travel costs for their clientele.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Auto Invoicing of Evolvi XML Content: ProTAS supports automatic invoicing based on Evolvi XML content, streamlining the billing process for agencies [1].
  • Fully Automated Administrative Support for Split Ticketing:
    • Easy invoice generation using the XML feed.
    • Consolidated single invoice provided to the customer.
    • Reconciliation of all tickets sold against a single travel booking, ensuring accuracy and efficiency [6].
  • Competitive Advantage in Rail Production:
    • Utilizing Evolvi Split Ticketing in conjunction with ProTAS grants agencies a competitive edge in their rail production, improving overall service quality [3].
  • Discounts Configuration Options:
    • Agencies can configure discounts by reducing the commission amount with a specified value.
    • Creation of a separate order line is supported through configurable functionality in ProTAS [5].
  • Season Tickets Functionality Support: ProTAS provides support for season tickets, enhancing the versatility of the system.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Agencies can upgrade to ProTAS for a superior customer experience, especially when leveraging the advantages of Evolvi Split Ticketing.

This integration positions ProTAS as a comprehensive solution for travel agencies looking to optimize their rail bookings with efficient Split Ticketing functionality.


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