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14 Jun 2024

Stay Organized , Stay Connected with Penguin Email CRM

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Stay Organized , Stay Connected with Penguin Email CRM
Penguin Travel Agency Software Integrated with Email CRM

Penguin’s Travel Email CRM Integration: Revolutionizing Travel Management

In the dynamic realm of travel management, efficiency is paramount. Penguin Travel Management unveils groundbreaking features in their email CRM integration, reshaping the approach to handling travel bookings. This article explores these innovations, showcasing their potential to streamline your workflow, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort. Elevate your travel management experience with Penguin’s cutting-edge solutions

Seamless Email Management for Travel Agencies

Direct Access to Emails from Penguin Travel Agency Software Dashboard

Say goodbye to toggling between different applications or tabs. With Penguin’s new features, you can now access, reply, forward, and delete your emails directly from your Penguin travel agency dashboard. This streamlined approach ensures you stay on top of travel communications, allowing you to respond to clients promptly.

Organize Emails Effortlessly with Travel Agency Software

Create and Search Folders with Penguin Travel Management Software

Customization is at your fingertips. Penguin Travel Management Software integration allows you to create folders tailored to your preferences – be it destinations, travel dates, or clients. The ability to search for folders by name or keyword adds an extra layer of convenience, ensuring you find what you need at a glance.

Link Emails to Folders

Experience a new level of organization by linking emails to folders. Whether it’s confirmations, invoices, or itineraries, you can associate multiple emails with a single folder or link one email to various folders. This flexibility ensures a systematic approach to managing your inbox.

Centralized Email Storage in Bookings by Penguin Travel Management Email CRM

Arguably one of the most potent features, Penguin’s email CRM integration lets you store all related emails directly within a booking. No more searching through your inbox or folders for information – just open the booking, and all associated emails are at your fingertips.

Elevating Your Travel Management Experience

These enhancements go beyond mere additions; they’re purposeful tools crafted to enhance your travel management experience. Seamlessly integrated into the Penguin travel and expense management software platform, these features provide a comprehensive solution to challenges faced by modern travel agents. Elevate your efficiency and enjoyment with Penguin’s streamlined approach.

How Penguin’s Travel Email CRM Integration Boosts Efficiency

Increased Responsiveness to Clients

With direct email access on the Penguin TMS dashboard, you can respond to client inquiries swiftly, demonstrating professionalism and reliability. This increased responsiveness can contribute to higher client satisfaction, potentially leading to positive reviews and referrals.

Enhanced Organization for Streamlined Operations

Efficient organization is the backbone of successful travel management. By creating folders, linking emails, and centralizing information within bookings, Penguin’s email CRM integration ensures that you have a well-organized system at your disposal. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of overlooking crucial details.

Time-saving Convenience

Imagine the time saved by eliminating the need to switch between different apps or sift through countless emails to find relevant information. Penguin’s features prioritize your time, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional travel management services.


In conclusion, Penguin Travel Software introduces a groundbreaking email CRM integration, revolutionizing the workflow for travel consultants. Seamlessly managing emails within the Penguin platform enhances efficiency and organization. From responding to clients promptly to effortlessly organizing emails and centralizing information within bookings, these features elevate your travel management experience significantly. Explore a new era of streamlined operations with Penguin Travel Software.

Embrace the power of Penguin’s email CRM integration and take a step towards a more efficient, organized, and enjoyable travel management journey.

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