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11 Jun 2024

Hotel activities: unlocked

Turneo Hall: TTS Stand: M71
  • Hotel activities: unlocked
  • Hotel activities: unlocked
  • Hotel activities: unlocked
Hotel activities: unlocked Hotel activities: unlocked Hotel activities: unlocked

With experiential hospitality on the rise, and no sign of slowing down, Turneo are launching their latest suite of features, designed to help hotels unlock the power of in-house and local activities. 

The Turneo Platform supports hotels with the promotion, sale and management of all types of experience and activity bookings. In addition to their leading booking platform, centralized management hub and easy web integrations, their summer release brings a whole host of new opportunities for hotels.

1. Inspire longer stays with new AI itineraries

Activities are the top reason for travelers to extend their stay, but hoteliers miss out by waiting until check-in to share recommendations with guests. With Turneo, hotels can - for the first time - combine live availability, rich guest profiles, and detailed bookings data to share a unique, personalized itinerary with every guest. Plus, their existing set-up allows for simple PMS and email integration, to make itinerary sharing even easier.

2. Increase REVPAR with multi-experience checkout

80% of travelers want to be able to book their trips entirely online, but when it comes to in-destination experiences, hotel websites are filled with broken links that reduce conversion. Turneo offers a single shopping cart and checkout flow that works on any hotel website and for any activity - both inside and outside the hotel. With their latest release, guests can add multiple, diverse experiences to the same cart, before checking out in one go, plus, they’ll automatically build a live itinerary as they do so.

3. Tap into guest satisfaction with smart insights hub

Net promoter scores are up to 18% higher when also offering experiences, but understanding and improving your experience offer is often a 'wild west' for hotels. With Turneo’s new insights hub, hotels are finally empowered to build meaningful guest profiles that include their activity preferences. Centralized data combines experience browsing, booking, and review data all in one place. Also, because the platform caters to all types of experiences, hotels no longer need to reconcile bookings from separate systems for spa, dining, tours, or transfers.

The full release goes even further - for more information, please visit:

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