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04 Jul 2024

Imsert - AI Selection Tool

Vamoos Ltd Hall: TTS Stand: M61

Imsert: Your AI itinerary image assistant



Imsert is like having a dedicated assistant that learns your image preferences and helps you effortlessly find the right photos for every itinerary.


Imagine… no more scrolling endlessly through stock photos. Instantly find images that perfectly match the destinations, activities, and overall vibe of each trip. Your itineraries become more engaging, more personalised, and more reflective of your brand – all while saving you precious time.


Here’s how it can change your itinerary creation workflow:


1. You type, Imsert suggests: As you build your itinerary – adding destinations, day titles, even those little extra notes – Imsert’s AI analyses your text and suggests relevant images.

2. Tailored to your style: Each time you select an image, Imsert learns what you like. Colours, destinations, types of activities – it pays attention to your choices and refines its suggestions accordingly.

3. Search if you need to:  Don’t see the perfect fit in the initial suggestions? No problem!  You can easily search the Unsplash image library directly within Imsert or upload your own images as usual.


We get it. As travel professionals, your time is incredibly valuable. Imsert helps you spend less time on image searches and more time crafting those amazing travel experiences for your clients.



The role of AI in improving itinerary planning


We built Imsert on powerful AI technology because we know that stunning, personalised itineraries make a real difference – both for your clients and your brand. It taps into that technology (developed right here at Vamoos) to analyse your image choices, understand your unique style, and streamline image selection.


This isn’t just about saving time (though it does!). Those AI-powered suggestions instantly elevate your itineraries, making them more visually appealing and tailored to each client’s interests. Imagine those suggestions sparking new ideas and helping you go the extra mile, even when you’re short on time.


We understand that creating high-impact itineraries can sometimes feel like a challenge. Imsert makes it easier and more intuitive, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – crafting unforgettable travel experiences.


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Integration with Unsplash for diverse imagery




Imsert’s seamless integration with Unsplash gives you instant access to a world of stunning, royalty-free images. No more endless scrolling on multiple websites to find the perfect shot!


With Unsplash at your fingertips, you’ll always find the visuals to capture the unique essence of any destination. Instantly transport your clients to a bustling Moroccan marketplace, a secluded Balinese beach, or the majestic glaciers of Patagonia. Imsert + Unsplash means your itineraries are truly brought to life.



Enhancing client engagement through better visuals


An itinerary isn’t just a plan – it’s the first glimpse of an unforgettable adventure. Imsert helps you create itineraries that spark excitement with high-quality images that instantly transport your clients to their dream destinations.


Let those visuals tell the story. Showcase the vibrant colors of a bustling market, the tranquility of a hidden beach, or the breathtaking views from a mountaintop.  When your itineraries become visual journeys, your clients connect with their trip on a deeper level.


That kind of engagement is what keeps clients coming back for more. It’s what sets you apart and helps you build a loyal following.


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Insert streamlines the itinerary creation


Imsert isn’t just about finding images faster. It’s about giving you back precious time so you can focus on what truly matters –  crafting unforgettable travel experiences for your clients.


In the fast-paced travel industry, efficiency is key. With Imsert streamlining the image selection process, you have more time to personalise those itineraries, add your expert touch, and go the extra mile for your clients.



Getting started with Imsert


Imsert learns from how you use Vamoos. For new clients, Imsert will start learning from your very first itinerary. As you create more itineraries with Vamoos, Imsert’s suggestions will become increasingly tailored to your preferences, offering greater choice and even more time-saving benefits.


Ready to see the difference Imsert can make? Book a personalised demo today and discover how easy it is to elevate your itineraries with stunning visuals powered by Imsert.

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