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Ana Metz

Ana Metz

Editor, FutureTravel

Ana Metz is an influential and charismatic figure in the travel industry, dedicated to advocating for innovation and technology. With over 10 years of experience in trends forecasting and scouting startups for corporates, she possesses a profound understanding of the dynamic startup and tech landscape. As the editor of FutureTravel, a renowned newsletter with a weekly readership of over 20,000 individuals, she is at the forefront of reporting the latest trends, startups, and groundbreaking innovations that shape the travel industry.

Her well-established connections and ability to foster meaningful discussions, both online and offline, make her a sought-after voice in travel. She actively seeks out insightful talks and valuable business insights from key players in the travel industry, ensuring that her audience receives exclusive and valuable information. With her engaging perspective and expertise in B2B innovation within the travel sector, Ana captivates her audience and empowers industry professionals with her enlightening content.