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Welcome to the Travel AI sector, where we spotlight the forefront of innovation in travel technology - your gateway to exploring the latest advances in AI-driven booking and travel management solutions.

Here, we showcase cutting-edge technologies designed to streamline itinerary planning, optimise reservation systems, and elevate customer service—all tailored to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Dive into how digital transformations are reshaping the travel industry and offering a sneak peek into the future of frictionless travel experiences.

This section is indispensable for anyone invested in the rapidly evolving landscape of travel technology.




Introducing our distinguished speakers, seasoned experts in the travel technology sector. Their engaging talks and thought-provoking discussions are designed to spark new ideas, methodologies, and perspectives, driving the advancement of travel technology at our event.



Discover our handpicked selection of premier exhibitors, each providing innovative solutions and services designed to elevate travel experiences. Showcasing cutting-edge technology and bespoke service offerings, our curated collection is set to transform how you manage corporate travel.



While we prepare for the unveiling of our 2024 agenda, we invite you to explore highlights from the fantastic sessions we hosted in 2023. These showcases demonstrate the breadth and variety of topics we covered, reflecting our dedication to providing unmatched insights and opportunities in the realm of corporate travel.

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Travel Tech Show
19-20 June 2024 | London ExCeL


What AI-powered solutions can travel companies find at the show?

Travel companies will discover a wide range of AI-powered tools designed to enhance the booking process, optimise pricing strategies, and analyse customer behaviour. These solutions help companies stay competitive in the evolving travel sector.

How can travel planners benefit from the latest AI technology?

Travel planners can explore the latest virtual assistants and AI tools that streamline travel planning and itinerary management. These technologies offer efficient ways to create the perfect itinerary based on dynamic pricing and traveller preferences.

What advantages do AI technologies offer online travel agencies?

AI technologies provide online travel agencies with powerful tools for enhancing their service offerings, such as natural language processing for understanding and responding to customer enquiries and language models that improve interactions with international customers.

How does the AI sector help in enhancing the traditional booking process?

The AI sector introduces advanced solutions that automate and refine the booking process, using AI to predict pricing changes and suggest optimal booking times, thereby saving time and reducing costs for both agencies and travellers.

Can AI replace a human travel agent?

While AI enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of travel planning, it complements rather than replaces the personalised touch and expert knowledge of a human travel agent, especially in handling complex travel arrangements or unforeseen changes.

What role do virtual assistants play in modern travel planning?

Virtual assistants, powered by AI, are becoming essential in helping travellers and travel planners execute tasks such as booking hotels, setting travel reminders, and providing real-time travel updates, making travel planning more accessible and convenient.

How are AI-powered tools transforming customer service in travel?

AI-powered tools leverage customer behaviour data and natural language processing to provide personalised travel recommendations and support, revolutionising customer service by offering timely and relevant trip ideas and solutions.

How does AI influence pricing strategies in the travel industry?

Dynamic pricing models enabled by AI help travel companies and agencies adjust their pricing based on real-time supply and demand, competitor pricing, and other market factors, ensuring competitive offers and maximising revenue.

What are the latest developments in AI for trip planning?

Innovative developments in AI for trip planning include sophisticated algorithms that suggest destinations, create tailored itineraries, and predict future travel trends, all aimed at enhancing the travel experience.

How is AI used to understand and predict customer behaviour in travel?

AI analyses vast amounts of data on past travel bookings and customer interactions to forecast trends, understand preferences, and tailor marketing and product offerings, thus driving more personalised and effective engagement strategies.


Welcome to our key show sectors, showcasing leading areas including expense management and sustainable travel. Explore innovations and trends across travel software, CRM, marketing, hospitality tech, accounting, and data & analytics, transforming business travel at the travel tech show.

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