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Welcome to the Booking & Reservation Systems Sector, where we showcase the latest advancements in booking technology for the travel industry—your gateway to discovering cutting-edge solutions and strategies for reservations.

Here, we present state-of-the-art technologies designed to streamline the booking process, enhance customer service, and optimise operational efficiency—all tailored to improve user experience and increase booking conversion rates.

Explore how digital innovations are revolutionising reservation systems within the travel sector and offering a glimpse into the future of seamless booking experiences.

This section is essential for anyone committed to navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of travel industry booking and reservation technology.




Introducing our distinguished speakers, seasoned experts in booking and reservation systems. Their engaging talks and insightful discussions are designed to spark new ideas, methodologies, and strategies, driving the advancement of booking technologies within the travel sector at our event.



Explore our carefully selected range of top exhibitors, each offering innovative solutions and services aimed at transforming booking and reservation systems. Featuring the latest technology and tailored services, our curated selection is designed to enhance how you manage and optimise the booking process.



As we prepare to unveil our 2024 agenda, we invite you to revisit the highlights from the engaging sessions we hosted in 2023. These showcases highlight the range and diversity of topics we explored, demonstrating our commitment to delivering unparalleled insights and opportunities in the field of booking and reservation systems.

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Travel Tech Show
19-20 June 2024 | London ExCeL


Who are the speakers in the Booking & Reservation Systems sector?

Our sector features a lineup of industry experts specialising in online booking platforms and payment processing solutions. These speakers bring insights from their extensive experience to discuss innovations, challenges, and future trends affecting travel agents and Travel Management Companies.

What can I expect from the exhibitors?

Exhibitors in this sector offer a wide range of solutions, including travel agency software, online booking platforms, and analytics tools designed to streamline booking processes and enhance payment security. Expect demonstrations of cutting-edge technology that facilitates online payments and integrates with payment gateways.

What topics will the agenda sessions cover?

The sessions will explore a variety of topics crucial to the sector, such as strategies to prevent double booking, enhancing user experience on online platforms, and implementing cost-effective ways to manage business trips for corporate clients.

How can travel agencies benefit from attending the Booking & Reservation Systems sector?

Travel agencies will gain valuable insights into the latest service providers and technologies that can help them optimise their operations. Learning about these advanced systems can help agencies offer more efficient and reliable services to their clients, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

What are the latest trends in booking and reservation technology that will be discussed?

Key trends include the use of cloud-based online booking platforms for scalability, the integration of comprehensive payment processing systems to handle diverse payment methods, and advancements in analytics tools that provide actionable insights into customer preferences and booking patterns.

How is technology transforming the booking and reservation industry?

Technology is revolutionising the industry by automating the reservation process, providing real-time availability and confirmation, and enabling seamless online payments that ensure security and convenience for business travellers and leisure customers alike.

What practical applications of booking and reservation technology will be demonstrated?

Practical applications to be demonstrated include the deployment of robust online platforms that support both front-end booking and back-end management tasks, solutions that integrate payment gateways seamlessly, and systems designed to avoid issues like double booking.

Are there any workshops or hands-on sessions available?

Yes, attendees can participate in workshops and hands-on sessions that focus on the latest travel agency software and online booking systems. These sessions are geared towards equipping participants with the skills to utilise these technologies effectively within their businesses.

Will there be any case studies presented?

Several case studies will be showcased, illustrating how travel management companies have successfully implemented new booking systems to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance the booking experience for their corporate clients.

How can I network with professionals interested in booking and reservation systems?

The sector will provide numerous networking opportunities, including panel discussions and industry meet-ups, enabling you to connect with professionals who are eager to share ideas and explore potential collaborations in booking technology.


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