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Welcome to the Travel CRM Sector, where we highlight the leading edge of CRM technology tailored for the travel industry—your portal to the latest innovations in customer relationship management for travel businesses.

In this section, we feature state-of-the-art CRM solutions designed to enhance customer engagement, streamline communications, and improve service delivery—all aimed at boosting efficiency and enhancing customer loyalty.

Explore how advances in digital technology are revolutionising the way travel companies interact with their clients, providing insights into future trends in customer management.

This area is essential for anyone keen to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of travel technology, particularly in enhancing customer relations and driving business success.





Meet our esteemed speakers, renowned experts in travel technology. Their captivating presentations are designed to ignite new ideas and drive the development of travel technology, offering vital insights into the industry's latest trends and innovations.



Explore our curated selection of top exhibitors, each offering innovative solutions and services to enhance travel experiences. Their cutting-edge technology and tailored services are poised to revolutionise corporate travel management.




As we gear up to unveil our 2024 agenda, we invite you to explore highlights from the outstanding sessions we hosted in 2023. These showcases highlight the breadth and diversity of topics covered, reflecting our commitment to delivering unparalleled insights and opportunities in corporate travel.

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Travel Tech Show
19-20 June 2024 | London ExCeL


What can attendees explore in the CRM sector at the Travel Tech Show?

Discover the latest CRM technologies that streamline business operations, enhance customer service, and support growth. The sector features expert talks, live demos, and showcases CRM solutions tailored for travel agencies.

Who are the keynote speakers and what CRM insights will they share?

Industry leaders will discuss the latest trends in CRM technology, including integration capabilities and custom dashboards, and how these can drive customer satisfaction and business efficiency in travel agencies.

What specialised sessions are available for CRM enthusiasts?

Attend sessions focused on leveraging CRM for enhancing customer journeys, marketing campaigns, and sales performance. Experts will discuss the seamless integration of CRM with existing booking systems and operational workflows.

What networking opportunities does the show provide for CRM users?

Network with CRM solution providers, technology experts, and industry peers to exchange ideas on improving business processes, pipeline management, and creating effective marketing campaigns using CRM.

How will attending the show benefit travel agency operations and CRM strategies?

Gain insights into selecting and implementing the right CRM tools, understand advanced features like financial management and custom dashboards, and apply these to optimise customer interactions and sales processes.

How do travel CRM solutions manage customer interactions and enhance the overall customer experience?

CRM systems track communication history and manage contact details, facilitating personalised customer service and memorable experiences by aligning operational and customer service strategies effectively.

What is the impact of CRM on marketing and sales within travel agencies?

CRM tools help refine marketing efforts with targeted campaigns and manage the sales funnel through detailed sales activity tracking and contact management, improving conversion rates and customer acquisition.

Can CRM systems integrate with online booking and reservation platforms?

Yes, CRM systems typically have strong integration capabilities with online booking platforms, ensuring that customer data and booking processes are streamlined and that financial management is cohesive.

What advanced CRM features help streamline daily administrative tasks?

Modern CRM solutions offer features like pipeline management, automated task management, and custom dashboards, which help internal teams manage repetitive tasks efficiently and focus on strategic activities.

How does CRM technology assist in business growth and operational efficiency?

CRM technology provides actionable insights into business operations, supports effective communication within internal teams, and automates financial and pipeline management, essential for scaling business processes and ensuring sustained growth.


Welcome to our key show sectors, showcasing leading areas including expense management and sustainable travel. Explore innovations and trends across travel software, CRM, marketing, hospitality tech, accounting, and data & analytics, transforming business travel at the travel tech show.

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