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Fernanda Barrence

Fernanda Barrence

Founder & CEO, The Trip Boutique
Fernanda Barrence Mutz is the CEO and co-founder of the award-winning travel tech startup The Trip Boutique, an AI-enabled intelligence platform that empowers travel companies to deliver hyper-personalization and supercharge efficiency. Fernanda is passionate about travel, innovation, technology, and sustainable development and has served the board of directors of the Impact Hub Zurich and the advisory board of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne for several years. Before embarking on the entrepreneurship journey and founding The Trip Boutique, Fernanda spent over a decade working in large corporations in the Americas and Europe, holding various management roles. In such positions, Fernanda experienced businesses from multiple perspectives and managed cross-functional and cross-cultural teams in a global scope. Fernanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (UFMG, Brazil) and a Master’s degree in Design (ZHdK – Switzerland), through which she specialized in trends research and innovation strategy.