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Henry Swarbrick

Henry Swarbrick

Enterprise Account Executive, Stripe
As Stripe's Enterprise Travel & Leisure Lead, Henry is responsible for driving growth and fostering valuable partnerships across the travel ecosystem. From enterprise hospitality groups to innovative travel tech platforms and disruptive startups, we ensure that Stripe's powerful financial infrastructure and expertise can be leveraged to enhance the customer experience, drive innovation, and build more productive operations. 
Drawing on Stripe's experience working with global industry leaders like Uber, Deliveroo, and Shopify, we help Stripe's travel and leisure clients navigate the complexities of cross-border payments, omnichannel customer experience, fraud management, and regulatory compliance. By offering tailored solutions and guidance, we empower these businesses to innovate faster, optimize their payment flows, and unlock new opportunities for growth. 
Whether it's enabling seamless multi-currency transactions for an international hotel chain, powering frictionless bookings and upsells for a leading online travel agency, or supporting the launch of a groundbreaking travel fintech platform, our passion is to see Stripe's partners succeed. We work closely with each client to understand their unique challenges and priorities, ensuring that Stripe's world-class financial infrastructure is leveraged to maximum effect. 
With a deep understanding of the travel and leisure industry's evolution, Henry is well-positioned to help Stripe's clients stay ahead of the curve. By identifying emerging trends, technologies, and consumer behaviors, we ensure that Stripe's solutions are always aligned with the changing needs of the modern traveler and the businesses that serve them. 
If you're looking to elevate your travel or leisure business through innovative financial solutions and strategic guidance, the Stripe team is ready to help you take your operation to new heights.