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Maria von Foerster

Maria von Foerster

CEO, RightRez

Maria von Foerster embarked on her journey with RightRez back in 2007, marking her entry into the dynamic world of travel technology. Fascinated by the intricate workings of technology, Maria swiftly carved out a niche for herself within this multifaceted industry. Her roles at RightRez, ranging from Business Analyst to Vice President of Business Development, have provided her with a profound understanding of both the business landscape and the nuances of the travel industry.

Now at the helm as CEO, Maria is passionate about steering RightRez towards innovative strategies that not only propel the company forward but also add concrete value to our customers’ organizations. With a dedicated team by her side, Maria is committed to unlocking substantial air fare savings and optimizing air department processes for respected clients in the cruise, crew, and tour operator sectors. As a result, RightRez takes pride in its role as a catalyst for efficient and sustainable practices within these industries.