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Nimet Sayeed (Moderator)

Nimet Sayeed (Moderator)

Northstar Travel Group UK, TravelTech-Show

Nimet Sayeed is the Commercial & Event Manager at Northstar Travel Group UK, spearheading the strategic direction and operational execution of the TravelTech-Show.

With over a decade of proficiency in commercial management and event coordination across travel, technology, and hospitality sectors, Nimet is known for her dynamic approach and tangible results.

At Northstar Travel Group, she orchestrates impactful strategies, propelling revenue growth and surpassing sales targets with finesse. Nimet's expertise lies in forging strategic partnerships, nurturing client relationships, and crafting unforgettable event experiences.

Prior to her current role, she held leadership positions in diverse trade shows encompassing nutraceuticals, construction, marketing technology, home, and fashion industries. Armed with a Law degree in LPC from the College of Law, Nimet is a seasoned professional dedicated to optimizing business outcomes and driving innovation in every endeavour.