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Will Phillipson

Will Phillipson

A charismatic, pragmatic, and driven business leader. Will is adept at translating complex and daunting problems into manageable challenges, where he has a proven track record of both devising and implementing innovative strategies and establishing competent and motivated teams to achieve business objectives. Commanding a communicative and personable leadership style, Will is a collaborative and trustworthy leader able to empower every individual and build a culture where his team can reach and exceed their individual and business potential. With customer service and satisfaction at his core, Will nurtures environments that deliver customer value and provides innovative solutions to enhance their experience and innovate the industry.

Starting in the travel industry at Accovia in Montreal, in 2002, Will moved to National Leisure Group in Boston. At NLG, he built one of the industry’s first dynamic packaging systems, enabling the travel agency to vertically integrate into the supply chain and provide high-performance holiday packages to customers, including Orbitz, Yahoo, and Sam’s Clubs. ITA Software recruited Will to lead the development of its next-generation airline distribution system (1U). At ITA, Will introduced product management as a formal function and was a crucial leader in defining and building ITA’s airline reservation system project, Athena. In 2009, Will co-founded SilverRail Technologies, a business dedicated to enabling passenger rail globally. Despite the financial downturn, SilverRail was started with the largest Series A fundraise of the year. Will’s vision for SilverRail guided the company through two acquisitions and growth to over 250 people, with offices in Boston, Brisbane, London, and Stockholm. In 2017, SilverRail was sold to the Expedia Group, providing a successful exit for all of its VC investors. Since leaving SilverRail in late 2019, Will has worked in a variety or roles for a variety of startups including CTO for Kyte, focusing on NDC for the airline industry; and, COO of Citymapper, focusing on Mobility as a Service.