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Stat 1

Exhibitors that scheduled 1-2-1 meetings received an average of 9 appointments.

Stat 2

1,598 leads were generated through the swapcard show app, with some exhibitors obtaining over 100 qualified leads.

Stat 3

All travel tech buyers that attended were screened and checked for their quality, relevance and purchasing authority. 

Stat 4

80% indicated that their primary reason for attending was to meet with exhibitors. 

Stat 5

The show obtained a high buyer-to-exhibitor ratio, for every exhibitor, there were 10 buyers.

Stat 6

89% of the qualified buyers had purchasing authority. 

Stat 7

New business opportunities for regular exhibitors. 40% of buyers had previously not attended. 

Stat 8

Exhibitors met buyers from across the globe. 27% of all buyer attendees arrived from outside of the UK from 36 countries.

Stat 9

Suppliers exhibited and met with a 100% qualified buyer audience from travel agents, tour operators and other tourism businesses.