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A travel technology event like no other

Quantum Metric

  • | Data Management & Analytics Tools
  • | E-commerce/ Payment Systems
Quantum Metric

What if there was a way to know when, where, and why customers are struggling when booking travel?

With Quantum Metric, you will gain real-time visibility into behaviours, needs, and traveller frustration so you know where to focus your efforts to generate revenue & build loyalty.

Explore how we can help you Identify issues and opportunities across mobile, desktop, and kiosk that will move the needle and create digital experiences that increase traveller satisfaction.


45 Gresham St
United Kingdom
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  • As such, GDPR suggests encryption algorithms as a technical solution to data security and protection.  
  • Quantum Metric Atlas is a collection of pre-built industry guides that outline, step-by-step, the questions and answers digital teams need to provide better online and mobile customer experiences.
  • Now’s the time for hotel brands to capitalise and enhance the customer’s experience, both in person and digitally, to lock in the loyalty of travellers seeking places to stay. 
  • How Korean Air wins customer hearts with real-time insights.
  • How Aer Lingus uses direct real-time visibility to build customer led experiences.
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