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A travel technology event like no other

WolfPack Systems, Inc

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WolfPack Systems is the ultimate Tour Experience Management (TEM) platform for travel planners and group tour operators who want to provide their customers with the most positive experiences. Our SaaS platform allows tour operators to plan, share and execute trips efficiently through unique planning, group navigation and real-time tracking of travelers. We offer a superior way to create and deliver experiences that will be positively remembered for a lifetime. 

Problem To be Solved: Tour operators and group travelers face these common challenges (1) planning, distributing and accurately updating itineraries to all group members, (2) lacking clear communication between the tour operator and travelers in real time (3) ensuring the safety and well-being of travelers before / during / after the trip (4) facing low client retention. To address these challenges, we provide tools to plan, operate, and execute trips and deliver high quality experiences for tourists, leading to improved retention rates, higher income and profitability.

Opportunity: With hyper growth in the experiential travel industry, especially in the post-COVID world, we are perfectly positioned to grow our market penetration. According to Allied Market Research, the global market for group travel was valued at $1.35 Trillion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1.85 Trillion by 2027, representing a CAGR of 4.2%. This market size indicates a vast opportunity for businesses operating in the tourism industry. The growth drivers for the market include rising disposable income, increasing interest in travel, and a growing preference for customized travel experiences. As the demand for travel continues to increase, the market is expected to expand further, providing huge potential for growth and development. 


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  • Creators of WolfPack Central, a unique Tour Experience Management Solution™ for tour operators, releases new product enhancement that contributes to safe, enjoyable 5-star tour experiences.
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