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During the show

During the show

Maximize your event experience with these handy tips:

Arrive at ExCeL in good time

When you arrive at ExCel, you may have to queue, so give yourself plenty of time to get your badge scanned before entering the halls. Once inside, familiarise yourself with the show floor and exhibition layout. Take some time to walk the floor and ensure your pre-arranged route still works for you.

Wear comfortable shoes

You’ll do a surprising amount of walking at the show. You may be on your feet all day between leaving your accommodation, walking between sessions and attending networking events. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that won't cause pain.

Participate in the conference sessions

Make sure to get involved with any sessions you attend. Write notes, take pictures, and ask questions to develop the discussions on stage. You can also use our networking app to submit as many questions as you like.

Meet the exhibitors

Is there a specific company you want to meet with? Head straight to their stand, and their team members will be happy to discuss their products and solutions with you.

Take Breaks

Explore the venue, grab a snack, and recharge. Balance is key to enjoying the show fully.

Capture the Moments

Take photos and notes of key moments and insights. Share your experiences on social media using the event hashtag.

Make sure to attend the networking events

Remember to participate in the many networking events put on by our exhibitors. These will give you ample opportunities to network with exhibitors and attendees in a less formal setting.

Use our event hashtags on your social media channels

If you’re enjoying a particular session or event, tell others about it. Include #TTShow and #traveltech in all of your social media posts – we may even repost your post on our own channels

If there is someone you'd like to talk to, introduce yourself

If there is a particular person you'd like to talk to, you absolutely can walk up to them and introduce yourself. You don't need to wait to be formally introduced by someone else.

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